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    Is there a way to trigger the C&P autoresponder when a question does not exist? We have two autoresponders, one that triggers when a custom question is answered yes, and one that we would like to trigger when the question is no or empty or not on the form. My criteria in the custom questions section is if the question Not is Yes OR the question is empty. However, that doesn't seem to trigger when the question is not on the form. It triggers when the C&P Data shows that custom field has a No or empty response, but does not trigger when that custom field is not in the C&P Data (which is when that question isn't included in the payment form). I know I could have that question on all the payment forms, just hidden, but ideally we'd like not to have to include it. Thanks!

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    I would suggest that you use SKUs - that way you can trigger the autoresponder regardless of whether the question was answered or not.

    For example, under Campaign Details > Payment Options, include a SKU 'syllable' in the Item SKU, and use a SKU suffix on your question to indicate whether an answer was selected.
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    Then, your custom question might look like this:

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    This leaves 3 possiblities for SKUs that would come from this form:
    • DON-GEN - question not answered
    • DON-GEN-maillist-YES - question answered "Yes"
    • DON-GEN-mailist-NO - question answered "No"

    Then in Salesforce > PaaS > C&P Settings > Autoresponder > Email, one autoresponder would have criteria for when the question was not answered Yes

    Click image for larger version

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    And the other autoresponder would fire when the question was answered Yes.

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    Make sense?
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      Oh, I didn't think about using SKUs. That makes sense. Thanks!