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  • Credit card update

    Does click and pledge offer the auto update of expired credit cards? Where somehow you can still charge to expired cards/the bank gives you the new expiration?We have been seeing this used elsewhere and wondered if we could use this feature for donations to our non profit.

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    Good day CIOregon

    This feature is available with the new accounts that were set up after 2018. Notices have been sent about this new account.

    Please see:

    Please note that card updater is a universal feature that is used by gateways and all use the same updater feature. The point to keep in mind is that not all cards or card types are updated by the issuing entity. For example not all MasterCards are updated. If the issuing entity sends the updated information to the updater service then we will update it, if you are on ProPay.

    Hope that answers your question. Please note that transition to the new account is free and all explained in the link provided above. You may transition anytime.
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