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Temp Contacts & triggering the C&P receipt

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  • Temp Contacts & triggering the C&P receipt

    Hey there!

    I have a question about temp contacts and how it impacts the C&P receipt issued to donors. My understanding is that the C&P receipt isn't emailed to donors UNTIL we've processed their gift through the Temp Contacts queue in Salesforce - correct?

    The problem is - we've been inundated with donations the past couple of weeks, which means we get behind on processing the temp contacts queue, which means donors don't always get their receipts immediately (especially over the weekends). So we've got a dozen messages from donors asking if their donation really went through, telling us we should issue receipts etc.

    So - Is there somewhere in C&P Connect where I can modify the criteria for issuing a receipt, and have the C&P receipt issue regardless of whether or not I've processed the temp contacts? So it issues as soon as the donor's card is processed by C&P? I checked in Receipt Settings but couldn't see anything there relating to WHEN/WHY the receipt is issued.

    Thanks for your time,

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    Good day @jackdunn

    Please note that Connect receipts will fire immediately after the transaction processed. It is nothing to do with temp contacts in Salesforce.

    It looks like you are referring to C&P Autoresponder in Salesforce because the responder will fire only after processing the temp contacts whereas the C&P Receipts will fire immediately after the transaction take place regardless of Salesforce data posting.

    Please share the order numbers so that we can review it.

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