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Hundreds of test donations?

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  • Hundreds of test donations?


    Last night at 10:21 pm ET we received hundreds of test donations. They are not actually posted in Salesforce (although ~10 of them are in Temporary Contacts) but I can see them in Connect under Transactions. Status = Fraud. All the emails listed are [email protected]

    Does anyone know what this is about?

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    Good day!

    Sorry for the inconvenience but what you are seeing is a fraud attack on your account which has been blocked. When transactions are blocked as fraud they are not posting to Salesforce for obvious reasons. We have clients that are attacked with 100K transactions within minutes and if we were to post them to Salesforce their account will run out of API calls and cause other problems.

    In reviewing your account I see the ones that were posted to Salesforce are all declined transactions. You may delete them from your Salesforce instance by going to maintenance and entering the Order Number and selecting all that needs to be deleted. If you need help we can gladly do that for you.

    I see that all fraud attacks were blocked so there is nothing to worry about regarding those.

    Nonprofits are victims of credit card validation attacks on a regular basis. Our system monitors all accounts in real time and blocks attacks, such as yours, in real time.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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      Thank you for letting me know so quickly. Good to know that the system catches this immediately.