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SMSgiving or SMS autoresponder

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  • SMSgiving or SMS autoresponder

    When researching setting up SMSGiving, there is a comment at the bottom of the Connect:SMSgiving page that for Salesforce users there is a different feature: SMSgiving fields are reported in Salesforce under Donor Management's (PaaS) Transaction Detail page. SMSgiving is a feature of CONNECT, and is unrelated to the Salesforce SMS Autoresponder.

    Does that mean we should be using the Salesforce SMS autoresponder instead, or that's just another option available if we didn't want to use the SMSgiving functionality?

    I just want to ensure before diving into setting up SMSgiving that we are setting up the correct product for us to use and that it will sync with SF correctly.

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    Sorry for the late reply.

    The two features you are talking about are different in subtle ways. You have the option to use both and they are all also well described in the support KB articles. Here is what each does:

    Salesforce SMS Autoresponder: As the name implies this is an autoresponder, similar in concept to your email client's out of office message. You may set up the autoresponder in Salesforce so when a "set" message arrives a preset response is sent out. The messages and the text triggering the response all are cusotmizable. You may want to read:

    CONNECT SMSgiving: The SMSgiving is, again as the name implies, designed to send a mobile donation form in response to a set text. For example you may set up a campaign for HUNGER and one for Homeless. If someone sends a text to your SMS number with the word "Support Hunger" .. a form for the hunger campaign will be sent back in response, whereas if the text is Support Shelter.. the link to the shelter campaign is sent.

    While both "SMS Autoresponder" and "SMSgiving" are "almost" the same in behavior you have the option to send a regular text without any donation form using the SMS Autoresponder in Salesforce whereas SMSgiving does not allow for NO donation form.

    Hope that helps.

    There is discussion internally to make both of these features behave the same but allowing donation forms to be optional and both features be called SMSgiving. Challenge is for our clients to know what they can do with both.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.
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      That is helpful - thank you. Based on this, we can use the SMSgiving, which is what we were wanting to use. I just wanted to make sure it worked with Salesforce since you had the autoresponder out there!