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Understanding ProPay EnsureBill

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  • Understanding ProPay EnsureBill

    Hi, about a year ago we converted from TransFirst to ProPay as we were encouraged to do. One of the key features we were told about was the new Credit Card Updating system. We are still experiencing a high volume of Credit Card Expirations each month and I haven't really noticed a change in our monthly decline numbers. I would love to learn/understand more about how it works, and wanted to see if there was a way to know if it was even working for our system. Thanks! (Org C&P 20588)

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    Good day dstephens

    Unfortunately we have no control over this. Some card companies participate and some do not. For example AmEx does not participate in this and I am not sure if Discover does either. The challenge is we receive a file everyday that we update in the system prior to running the recurring transactions. The card updater updates the tokens for each card in the batch and then runs.

    We wish all cards were being updated and we (Click & Pledge) pays a fee for each card that updates and all are paid without passing the fee to the organization. It is a new fee that we absorb. Our analysis shows about 25%-30% of cards are being updated and the rest do not participate. This is an ongoing monitoring and the stats may change but as of now this is what we are seeing.

    While we update all updated accounts we absolutely have no control over which cards and banks participate in the account updater program. One important point to keep in mind- the list we update is the same list that all other providers will offer, in other words all credit card processors use the same method and receive the same data.

    Sorry that I cannot provide more insight.
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