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Can I map the C&P Account name to a GAU Allocation?

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  • Can I map the C&P Account name to a GAU Allocation?

    Hi, we're updating our fund settings to use General Accounting Units in NPSP. I'm wondering if there's any way to easily map basically: any donation coming through with x C&P Account is marked in Salesforce as going to x fund, and donations processed for y C&P Account goes to y fund. Is this something that can be mapped through Click and Pledge settings?

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    I'm just a user but my understanding of this question is "No". You can set up SKU's and then create some Salesforce automations around this OR you can set the GAU at the Campaign at which point any Opportunity mapped to the Campaign would inherit the GAU. And Campaigns are something you can set in C&P.


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      Thanks! It looks like the issue has been resolved on our end using a flow after the donation has been created by C&P. But good to know.