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SKUs not in same order as custom questions

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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    Here is a simpler approach, also used in your other post for Events, modified here for Connect. Tested and worked well.
    1. Create your Custom Question on your Connect Campaign

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2020-02-21_FRM Jodi 02 CNT Checkbox.jpg Views:	0 Size:	99.0 KB ID:	50977
    2. In Salesforce, navigate to C&P Settings > Custom Mapping and add a SKU rule that sets the transaction's Contact Email Opt Out field to 'true' (checked)
    3. On the C&P Settings > Custom Mapping > Custom Question tab, create a Custom Question rule that will consider if the 'Sign Up for Mailings' option is checked, and change the transaction's Contact Email Opt Out field back to false.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2020-02-21_FRM Jodi  Checkbox Optin and Optout.png Views:	0 Size:	112.2 KB ID:	50978

    Note that in Connect, the Answer value did not include a comma, as you would see if you chose the same answer in Events, so if using the questions in both places, be sure to have a rule for each.

    Hope this proves to be a good solution for your customer.
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  • jodina-mai
    Sorry, I'm having trouble understanding what you mean about the option and the text. Is it possible to do a screen shot of an example setup this way?

    Also, how do I do reversing with custom mapping? From my other question, it looks like you can't map a blank value with custom mapping: If this is possible, could you give me a screen shot?


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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    The order of custom question suffixes is:
    • Visible OR conditionally shown custom questions are added first.
    • Then hidden custom questions are added.

    To make this work with the options, you may have to use the text of the question as sort of a header, and use the Option to provide the text of the question, so that the value of the text next to the checkbox is actually asking the question. You can reverse the value submitted in Salesforce based on Custom Question Mapping rather than SKU.

    Do you think that helps you find a way to make it work the way you need it to?

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  • jodina-mai
    started a topic SKUs not in same order as custom questions

    SKUs not in same order as custom questions

    I have two custom questions in a campaign. Each with an assigned SKU. They are the second to last and last custom questions.

    The questions are:

    1) Email (hidden field checkbox with default value as selected) - SKU is EMAIL
    2) Keep in Touch (visible checkbox field with default value as selected) SKU is EMAIL-OPT-IN-

    Given the order they are in, I'm expecting the SKU to be one of the following:

    1) Keep in Touch IS selected: EMAIL-EMAIL-OPT-IN-
    2) Keep in Touch is NOT selected: EMAIL

    HOWEVER, the SKU is coming through in the wrong order. Regardless of Keep in Touch being selected, EMAIL is always at the end of the SKU (ex: EMAIL-OPT-IN-EMAIL). Here is an an example Opportunity: 0062E00001HqX0hQAF

    I need the OPT-IN at the end of the SKU for Custom Mapping ("SKU ends with"). Please help!

    ** As a side, the reason I've set it up this way is that there is no way to do custom mapping based on "does not include". What I really want to do is specify a field value based on someone deselecting Keep in Touch. If I made two checkboxes, I could assign each a SKU, but I don't want to do that because of the use case for the question. Creating a hidden question that is selected by default and will appear at the end of the SKU is the only work around I've been able to come up with. So if you have other suggestions, I'm totally open!**

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