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Setting up C&P Recurrings in C&P form and piping through to Salesforce

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  • Setting up C&P Recurrings in C&P form and piping through to Salesforce

    Hello, is there documentation or live support that I can get on how to set up a recurring donation on a C&P form and have it tracked all the way through Salesforce?

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    We have an article, Donor Management and NPSP, that will help you understand the differences between tracking a Recurring Donation using NPSP, and automating recurrings using C&P Recurring. Best practice is to review the pros and cons of each approach and choose the one that will work best for your organization. C&P's app advantage is that all your Recurring Donation records are written into Salesforce automatically. If you do choose C&P Donor Management (Payment as a Service), I also recommend that you process all payments through C&P, even when you receive a cash or check, so that your data entry is standardized.

    For how to set up a recurring donation, you can use the Campaigns and Payment Forms > Create a new Campaign, and refer to slides 13-15 in the slideshow.

    Hope that helps.
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