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Amending donor submitted information in C&P Connect

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  • Amending donor submitted information in C&P Connect

    Hi there,

    We use C&P integrated with Salesforce, mapped through Temporary Contacts. Last week I noticed that a contact that had been processed seemed to have erroneously typed out their entire credit card number in the "Name on Credit Card" field. The payment had processed without issue, but the problem now was that their entire credit card number had automatically been posted to SF in the "billing name" field, and subsequently synched to the C&P Transaction Object, Opportunity Object, and Contact Object. The field on the Contact I was able to manually delete and save. But the fields on the Transaction and Opportunity were "padlocked" and I was unable to edit them. Which was NOT good for security.

    So I opened C&P Connect to see if I could find and clear the field back-end and re-post to Salesforce to get around it that way. Only to realize that the "name on credit card" field does not show up anywhere in C&P Connect (anywhere I could find, at least), and that hardly any fields in Connect are edit-able. I figured since C&P was integrated that the integration must have mapping settings stored somewhere and maybe I could get around it that way - but I couldn't find any such mapping configuration, in C&P Settings in Salesforce or in Settings in Connect.

    In the end I was able to delete the data from the C&P Data object, and re-post within Salesforce, and that cleared the credit card number off the Opportunity and Transaction objects at least. BUT that means it's still there in Connect, unsecured.

    So I have a few questions.
    - Where does the "name on credit card" field live in C&P Connect?
    - Where is how it maps to Salesforce setup?
    - Can we edit these fields in Connect, or are they always locked?
    - If always locked - how do you suggest we rectify security issues like the one I described where a donor has typed sensitive information into those fields that is now public?

    Thanks so much for your time.

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    Good day @jackdunn

    There is no way to update the card details of a single transaction in Connect. However, if you share the order number and the name you would like to update with, I will forward it to the concerned person to see the possibilities to update that particular information.
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