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Cannot Access Temp Contacts using My Domain

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  • Cannot Access Temp Contacts using My Domain

    We are currently testing our instance of SF with our new My Domain - - and find that we cannot access Temp Contacts in this new domain. When I click on the link to C&P Temporary Contacts while in our custom domain, I am kicked over to a new tab and told to login at the standard login site. Once I login there, I am given an odd screen that does not have the standard SF header and footer (image attached). I can still work through temp contacts as normal, but I cannot do anything else in SF from this tab, since nothing displays beyond Temp Contact info. Is there a fix that would allow us to access Temp Contacts in our new custom domain?
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    Good day @JanetHandy

    It looks like initially you were logged in in the Classic view of Salesforce and changed to Lightening view but open C&P Temporary Contact tab from the Classic view tab. I know it is confusing but it happens when your SF instance opened in Classic view in one your browser tab whereas in another tab you changed to the Lightning.

    Please make sure that you are opening the C&P Temporary Contact tab from the Lightning view NOT from Classic and let us know if you don't see the header and footer.
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      We have not yet gone live with the new domain. Could that be the issue? I don't think the issue relates to Classic and Lightning, because I am in Lightning when I click the tab for C&P Temporary Contacts. Then I get sent to the standard SF login page. I'll see what happens once we go live with the new domain. In either case, I can still process the temp contacts.


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        After going live with My Domain, the issue was resolved and I can work with Temp Contacts in the new domain.