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High number of temporary contacts

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  • High number of temporary contacts

    We are experiencing a lot of contacts getting put into the Temporary Contacts table in Salesforce. Other than the mapping rules what else might cause this? A lot of these Contacts have matches on Fname, Lname and Email so it's confusing why they wouldn't find their match.

    Out of curiosity, what would happen if 2 Contacts shared the same Fname, Lname and Email (i.e. there were duplicates)?

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    Good day @girlsempowermentnetwork

    Would you please grant us login access to your Salesforce instance and share a couple of order numbers you see in Temp contacts so that we can review it?

    It all depends on the Match Mode and Match Fields you have set because the system behaves accordingly. For the system to find a Contact it has to look for the matching mode and matching fields that you specify.

    For example:

    First Name: Elizabeth
    Last Name: Smith
    Email: [email protected]

    In the above scenario if Elizabeth makes a donation and uses all information as fully spelled then our system will find a match. This case is easy.

    Next day the same person comes in and sends another donation:

    First Name: Lizzy
    Last Name: Smith
    Email: [email protected]

    This is the same person but she used her nickname and her personal email.

    This is where the duplicates come up in almost all cases. The new person is not found but it actually is the same person. In this case, our system looks for the settings you have set for contact creation and based on that it put it in Temp for the admin to review and decide.

    Once you assign the second set of records as Alias to the first contact the system will automatically find it.
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