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  • Request additional field in Salesforce

    Our organization has over 2,000 recurring donors, but due to Card volatility we have roughly 200 that decline each month. (Mostly a Do Not Honor Decline reason - not sure what's up with that or what that means). But, wondering if it would be possible to get the decline reason sent to Salesforce. Having that there would help us be more efficient in reclaiming our recurring donors.

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    Good day @dstephens

    We do already have that field with the name "Status Details" in Transaction Details page in the latest version.

    Please see:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Status Details.jpg
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    Regarding the decline reason, the "Do Not Honor" message by the bank is a bit confusing at times since it means many things - In general, the message is posted back to us by banks based on the following conditions:
    • Card declines due to insufficient available credit - so in this case "Do Not Honor" means the bank does not honor it or simply declines it.
    • Card is replaced by another number and this specific expiration date or number is not honored anymore.
    • Card type is not honored
    Our experience shows the message mostly means a general decline.

    We have no control over these messages - we simply report what the bank sends us. It is always best for the cardholder to contact the bank and ask for the reason for the decline.

    Hope that answers your question. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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      This is awesome. I searched a whole bunch of fields - never thought to check that one. Thank you! Also - the Do Not Honor makes sense. Kind of the catchall decline code. Frustrating but I get it.

      Also - I've had 28 with an error: Gateway Invalid Argument error - and I had a handful of eChecks that declined saying their was a Gateway Duplicate Transaction - (they had been running fine for months prior to this error. Any help with what might be going on on those ones? Just trying to better understand our declines and how to approach getting them back.

      Example: 20588-190904101637997 (Gateway Duplicate eCheck)
      Example: 20588-190909100129611 (Gateway Invalid Argument)