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Invoices and Opportunities Relationships?

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  • Invoices and Opportunities Relationships?

    What are the various options for relationships between Invoice and oppt.
    I know that when you Process an Invoice, an Oppt is created. When the invoice is paid, the Oppt is updated.

    BUT what if the Oppt already exists? What are the ways to not create a new Oppt, but link/update/connect with one that already exists? There must be a way to do this! (really hoping there is!!!!)

    Looking forward to your help. thank you.

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    There is not a way to update an existing Opportunity. The only exception to this that I know is when you issue a credit, and in that case the C&P app is already familar- as it created the Opportunity it needs to update.

    The PaaS app was meant to be a 'method of integrating your existing Click & Pledge account with Salesforce'- it's a feature that was added so that existing customers could benefit from a CRM commonly used in the nonprofit sector. Many of our customers are not Salesforce customers, so the PaaS app primary function is to bring your C&P transactions into Salesforce. There's very little querying of what already exists in Salesforce outside of what is installed with the PaaS app, because organizations do so much customization in how they work inside Salesforce.

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      very helpful!