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Donation not posted in Salesforce, through Virtual Terminal

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    Hi, as I mentioned above, I need this 36448-1909231253027284364. donation to be posted to this campaign 7011K000001JIPO (you asked for the Salesforce campaign ID, there it is). This donation was processed through Virtual Terminal. At this point, please just repost this donation.

    We can discuss what needs to be done moving on forward after this donation is posted so we can focus on the main issue of this ticket right now, which is getting the donation posted please


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      Any updates?


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        You need to find a way to allow PaaS to create a campaign without GAU_c being a required field, as PaaS does not assign values to custom fields on Campaigns.

        It is our policy not to modify security settings in instances without permission. Would you like us to turn off the requirement on that field and repost?
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          so this one 36448-1909301736585837473 had the same error as the order number that's on this ticket---which is invalid campaign ID. But yet, i was able to repost it and fix the campaign ID after the donation was posted. So I don't understand why I wasn't able to repost the one that's on this ticket 36448-1909231253027284364. I did not have to change any security settings or anything else on the GAU or campaign or PaaS. I just clicked repost, and the donation was posted.