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Moving to Another Salesforce Instance

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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    OK LSandI360I , I have checked the box for Creating a Contact Role. The reason it did not stay checked is that Salesforce requires that you assign a value for the Role. I added the one for 'Technical Buyer', and checked 'Primary Donor' but perhaps you would prefer to change that to another value.

    Click image for larger version

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    I see that you have imported the C&P Aliases correctly. Once you have created a specific Contact Role, you may go to C&P Settings > Maintenance, and check Auto process C&P Temporary Contacts if Contact exists. This will attempt to rematch the Contacts every 3 hours. If they fail to match as expected, post back here with a specific order example for us to review, and we'll make sure they come in smoothly.

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  • LSandI360I
    I see that you are pushing transactions today. I a few things:

    - Click & Pledge has sent 2 separate emails this mornign saying that it couldn't connect from C&P to Salesforce and to reconnect. I reconnected once but not the second time.
    - Temporary contacts were still created.
    - I would like the opportunities to connect to contacts. Since we aren't using NPSP here, I need to check the box that says "Create Contact Role for each Opportunity" but it won't save as selected.

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  • LSandI360I
    Alright. I've hooked C&P up to the org that the contacts are moving to. I've also completed steps 1-9 above (except I didn't import old non C&P opportunities yet). I've imported the C&P aliases as well.

    I would like all the data out of Impact 360 Scholarships (27213) to be pushed to the following org. I believe this goes back to 2013.


    Would you also be able to complete any other post-installation tasks that you typically do?

    Let me know if you have any questions or issues!

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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    NPSP - My only concern is how your Opportunities are named. Many nonprofits use NPSP to standardize the naming of their opportunities, and NPSP can overwrite our default naming when our app initially creates the Opportunity. It is triggered by the Opportunity's creation (NPSP knows when a new Opportunitiy is created, to apply its naming settings if they are enabled). C&P Settings > Opportunity apply when the record is created, and can be overwritten by NPSP naming. C&P Settings > Custom Mapping settings run after NPSP in another update of the Opportunity record.

    Use the "CnP_PaaS__Contact__c" field- this is the lookup to the Contact Record.

    The CnP_PaaS__Alias_Contact_Data__c field sometimes stores the raw data from the transaction, so it isn't the API Name you are looking for.

    Click image for larger version

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  • LSandI360I
    Thank you for your feedback! I'll take a look at this and let you know if I run into any questions. Two preliminary ones:

    - One org has NPSP and the other doesn't. Will this be an issue?
    - On my contacts export, the "CnP_PaaS__Alias_Contact_Data__c" is empty. Where do I find the C&P alias associated with the current contact record ID?


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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    Here's how I would do it -
    1. Clean your Contacts as much as possible (merge and whatnot) in the instance your migrating FROM (so that there''s only a single Contact ID from the original instance)
    2. Migrate Contacts to the new instance, be sure to create a legacy Contact ID field.
    3. Clean and merge Contacts again, being sure to retain your legacy ID.
    4. Import your C&P Aliases from your original instance and relate them using the legacy ID
    5. define which Opportunities were not created by C&P - this is easy, Opportunities created by C&P have a C&P Order Number looking them up to the C&P Transaction.
    6. Import the Opportunities that were NOT created by C&P, relate them to Accounts based on the Contact's new Primary Account (using the legacy ID), and then also add the Contacts to the Opportunity as the Primary Contact.
    7. Define the data range to be reposted from the C&P Account. You will not end up with masses of Temporary Contacts, as you already related the Aliases. Be sure to
    8. Make sure your C&P Settings match the ones in your existing instance.
    9. Connect your C&P account to the correct Salesforce instance, and post here the C&P account number and date range you would need to be reposted, then request that we repost those for you.

    Here's WHY I would do it this way-
    • relating records to their related records is a PAIN (and I like to avoid using Upsert completely, too potentially problematic) - this way your minimizing the number of records that must be reassigned their relations
    • You've got 7 C&P objects with a significant number of relationships and also ties to native Salesforce objects. By reposting, you're letting the app recreate all those relationships for you in a consistent way. If you've been using C&P in your existing instance for a while, you've probably honed your Settings to perform exactly as you need them to.
    • You will retain more data integrity and will also maintain your Recurring Donations without concern.

    Implications of your way -
    • You won't have any existing C&P records - you lose Custom Question responses, and possibly some of the mappings set up in C&P Settings Custom Mappings.
    • If you don't import C&P Aliases, you will end up having to match them again.
    • If any of your transactions had more than one line item, you will lose the ability to tell they came from the same transaction (except a 'hint' in that they probably have the same date.
    • You would still need to import your C&P Recurring records, and have to re-relate the Account, Contact, and Opportunities- and you'll still need to re-relate the C&P Recurring > C&P Transaction records or they will be out of sync, which will be painful to resolve.

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  • LSandI360I
    What are the implications if I move all the contacts over (and merge the ones that need to be merged). I will move historical donations over as "opportunities" but won't move any other C&P transaction data. I will then install C&P and connect to our account. I am assuming these will be the two major implications:

    - C&P will create temporary contacts for all donations and these will have to be re-merged
    - It may mess up recurring donations

    Two questions:
    - Are there other implications?
    - How would I correct recurring donations?


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  • LSandI360I
    Thanks for your quick response! Here are my answers to your questions
    1. Were all the donations recorded through C&P (as in, did they record check and cash payments through the VT, or just create Opportunities)? It looks like there are opportunities outside of just data from C&P. We have been using C&P since 2013, but we have opportunities that are older than this which we would also want to migrate.
    2. Do you have a defined time period between when the two split (you could probably determine this by looking at dates with the installed packages) There's not a definitely split period
    3. Were new Contacts added to LS that weren't created by a C&P transaction? We do have many contacts that need to migrate to I360 that aren't from C&P (about 750 additional contacts).
    4. Do you use C&P Events? No, we do not use events.
    In looking at the transaction history on C&P, there are definitely some test entries and duplicates that don't appear to be reversed in C&P.

    As for C&P data, we have C&P data in the following objects that will need to move:

    Campaign Member
    C&P Transaction
    C&P Data
    C&P Recurring
    C&P RecurringTransaction
    C&P Contact Alias
    C&P Custom Question
    C&P Record Type

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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    1. Were all the donations recorded through C&P (as in, did they record check and cash payments through the VT, or just create Opportunities)?
    2. Do you have a defined time period between when the two split (you could probably determine this by looking at dates with the installed packages)
    3. Were new Contacts added to LS that weren't created by a C&P transaction?
    4. Do you use C&P Events?

    First brainstorm, before reviewing your approach and depending on the answers above, the easiest solution might be to connect the I360 Salesforce instance to the C&P Account that LS was using, and then request that we repost all the donations for that time period on your behalf. Here are the potential benefits:
    • takes advantage of Contact matching to realign Contacts
    • differentiations in address information will be stored as C&P Aliases in the I360 instance, and you could use the transaction date to compare whether the I360 Contact address or the imported C&P Alias address is more current to do cleanup
    • You don't have to track down 'all other C&P Data' as it will recreate itself when reposted, except for the Event data. If you do use Events, that may complicate issues a bit.
    The primary con being that you don't have an external ID field to match any other data you might need to move, but it would be the cleanest way to recreate C&P records everywhere they need to be.

    As far as your plan - I would say you might want to define what you mean by 'all other C&P Data'. If you mean the records from the C&P Data object- that would work if you manually reposted all the C&P data again - which would essentially be the same as you providing us a date range here in the forum and let us repost all the transactions for you.

    Does that help your planning?

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  • LSandI360I
    started a topic Moving to Another Salesforce Instance

    Moving to Another Salesforce Instance

    I have a bit of a complicated scenario that I wanted to make sure I was thinking about correctly:

    Background: I work for two non-profits that used to be one. When these non-profits split, two Salesforce instances were set up. All of the donations continued to go into the first Salesforce Instance (I'll call this LS) while there is duplicate contact information in the second (I360). I need to realign the LS contacts and related donation information into the I360 Salesforce. There are about 250 contacts in LS with C&P donation data that need to be moved to I360.

    Here is how I plan to proceed, but please let me know if there is a better way:
    1. Export data from LS.
    2. Identify LS contacts that need to move to I360 and include the I360 contact record ID as a new column.
    3. Install C&P in I360 Salesforce
    4. Import C&P alias to the contact records using by using the I360 contact ID
    5. Import all other C&P data.
    6. Connect C&P instance to I360 SF
    Thank you!