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Donation Rolled into Incorrect Contact of Two Contacts with Same Name

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  • Donation Rolled into Incorrect Contact of Two Contacts with Same Name

    We have an issue with a donation being pushed to the incorrect contact of two contacts with the same name. The contacts happen to have the same email address (due to an error) but not the same postal address. We are trying to understand how C&P chooses a contact in this situation.

    Issue: On 5/9/19, a donation from Kimberly Rasmussen was pushed by Click & Pledge into an incorrect Account in Salesforce.

    Background: There are currently two Accounts for Kimberly Rasmussen in Salesforce, each with one Contact. Although the contacts associated with each account have the same first name, last name and email address in Salesforce, they are not actually the same person. In the real world, they have the same name but different email and postal addresses. We discovered that this Kimberly has an incorrect email address on her record, which was mistakenly pushed to the contact by another app. Because this Kimberly’s email address is incorrect, there appears to be duplicate records in Salesforce that just happen to have different mailing addresses.

    When Kimberly made the donation on 5/9/19, her opportunity was pushed into the account with the incorrect email address, and a C&P Alias was created in the corresponding contact. The Alias was created according to C&P’s rules as outlined here and specifically in this passage:

    “C&P Contact Alias will be created only when the Match Fields (C&P Settings > Contacts & Accounts > Match Fields) are matched and, at least, one field information is different compared to the matching contact.”

    Note: Our match field are First Name, Last Name and Email

    C&P acted according to the rule above, but it happened to push the donation into the incorrect Kimberly Rasmussen contact. Our first question is about how C&P (or Salesforce?) decided which Contact to use given both contacts had the same first name, last name and email address.

    There is a twist – the Kimberly Rasmussen contact that was supposed to receive credit for the donation has an unresolved C&P Alias on her Contact with the address that was used by Kimberly on 5/9/19.
    The second question is why C&P (or Salesforce?) did not push the opportunity into that contact since the addresses matched.

    Full Name: Kimberly Rasmussen
    Email: [email protected]
    Address: 10036
    Opportunity from 3/18/19

    Full Name: Kimberly Rasmussen
    Email: [email protected]
    Address: 180 Lafayette Ave Apt 7h
    Passaic, NJ 07055-4741
    Opportunity from 5/9/19

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    Good day @JanetHandy

    1. In case of both contacts are same, C&P will consider most recent last-modified contact and will update the transaction with it.
    2. It won't assign the opportunity based on Addresses but it works based on the Contact Match Feilds.
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