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Custom Question Update to Connect and SF Virtual Terminal

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    Thank you!

    Just to confirm.

    Once we delete all the custom questions and update the SKUs, even though the custom question is showing on the previous transaction in Connect it will not try to find an item or update a SKU, correct?

    Thank you!

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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    Recurring Donations structure their next payment by cloning the settings on the previous one. Once you have established your SKU schema, go to the most recent payment for your active Recurring Transactions and assign the SKU you will need to create the new mappings when the next payment is posted to Salesforce.
    • Click the C&P Recurrings tab
    • Copy the order number from the most recent payment under the related Transactions
    • Login to Connect, navigate with the Launcher (4 squares) to Transactions
    • Once in Transactions & Reports, click the search icon at the top right, and paste the order number you copied
    • edit the SKU on the Transaction's Detail page

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    Hi Amanda,

    Thank you for the reply. We will work on updating the current questions then to SKUs.

    But what are the steps we need to do to back out of the recurring transactions that are set to update the class field on the Opportunity page layout (and if I remember correctly are connecting to the items in the Salesforce Virtual Terminal)?

    I am assuming the last thing I should do is go into the Salesforce Virtual Terminal and delete all those specific Regional Office Items (Donation-Flathead, Donation Missoula, etc.) as the monthly donors we just had imported into the system two months ago will not connect anymore because the items are gone? We had about 80 donors brought into Click and Pledge and each of their donations are connected to a specific item...I am deleting all those items and moving to one item: General Donation.

    Thank you!

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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    You should set up SKU Custom Mappings instead of Custom Question mappings.

    Basically SKU is a product code that your organization comes up with to uniquely identify each item in a transaction- I always tell people think of your grocery store receipt. Each item on the receipt has text that relates to the item you purchased.

    For your reference, here is our documentation on the Power of SKU, and a good video tutorial.
    The key is to lay out all the conditions where you need variations of
    • how something is recorded Salesforce (all the fields that may need to be different)
    • how you want to change the email that is sent as a response (if you're using Autoresponder to send messages rather than Connect Receipts)

    Here is the article/tutorial:

    Another key to keep in mind is that there are limitations on SKUs- if you just need to set a 'variation' based on just the item in the form, no problem. If you need some input from the Patron to change the behavior, you would need to use SKU suffixes in your Connect forms, and this functionality is not available yet for the payment forms we have in other products (so you couldn't collect that information using Swiper1)

    Hopefully that will get you started. Consider bringing in a Partner if you need assistance on your planning process.

    Regards, Amanda
    C&P Customer Advocate
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  • Custom Question Update to Connect and SF Virtual Terminal

    Our executive team recently made a change in our accounting structure to not post donations to Regional Offices.

    We built out our Opportunity Pages, Connect Donation Form, and Salesforce Virtual Terminal to track this data and update fields based on custom questions/VT items.

    Unfortunately, we just moved all our monthly donors from another account to Click and Pledge two months ago each being connected to an item in the Salesforce Virtual Terminal. We have also had new monthly donors sign up via the Connect donation page and their transactions update that field based on their answer to a custom question. I have attached photos for your reference.

    My question is what are the steps to back out of this? We will be moving to just a few simple items in the Salesforce Virtual Terminal and the custom question on the Connect donation page will go away.

    Access has been granted to our org.

    Thank you! Click image for larger version

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Name:	General Donation Items-SF VT.PNG
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