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    Every time a guest submits a payment for a 10 person table sponsorship, it breaks the gift into 10 separate gifts instead of one, which also alters the roll up sum of total donations of the year. I.e. a 10 person sponsorship for $2,500 total which breaks up into 10 gifts of $250 but then replicates the $2,500 donation 10 times so that it states the donor has given a total of $25,000 for the year.

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    Sorry but I don't understand what do you mean by replicates to 10 times?

    Please note that each item in the basket is a single opportunity. A transaction may include many items. Each item is an opportunity.

    If a person pays for 4 individuals, each ticket sold will become an opportunity with the ticket price, tax deductible portion, campaign, etc. assign to the opportunity.

    This is a product feature and not something we have control over to make it an option at this time. Please note that discounts, etc. are all affected by the opportunity.
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