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  • Primary Campaign Source Missing

    2 questions -

    1) I have a separate account ( that is linked to a different organization (Child Bridge, C&P Account number = 51241) than the account that I am currently posting here with (Promise686). When I log in to post this question with the Child Bridge account, I am unable to post to the Forums or subscribe. The "New Topic" button is missing and I get an error message when trying to subscribe - I'm not sure what I'm missing.

    2) The Child Bridge account is the one that we need help with regarding the subject line (C&P Account= 51241, Salesforce org id = 00D6A000001hMNY, access has been granted for 1 week). We have created a Connect Campaign named "General Giving" and linked it to (using both the Name and Salesforce ID under the Salesforce Campaign configuration settings) the corresponding Salesforce Campaign, named "Ghild Bridge General Revenue. When the donations come into the system, the donors are being placed as campaign members into the correct Salesforce Campaign, but the Donation records are not showing the Primary Campaign Source.

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    Hi Matthew,

    1) I'm showing your Child Bridge account as an account that is 'waiting moderation', which means that you should be able to click the 'new topic' button and enter a post, but someone on our side would need to approve the post before it would be displayed. I'm not seeing that any posts from that account are waiting to be reviewed. When did you last attempt to post from this login?

    2) You need to add a rule in Salesforce Payment as a Service App > C&P Settings > Opportunity > Primary Campaigns like this one:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Use Transaction Campaign.jpg
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    In earlier versions, if no Salesforce campaign was defined for the Item (represented by the Opportunity), the Opportunity would be created with the Campaign specified for the Transaction. This behavior was separated in a release last year, since it created inconsistencies with the event application.

    Once you have added the rule as suggested above, your transactions should start assigning the correct campaign again.

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