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  • Submit Button Not Working

    Hello, we’ve had a few donors report that our “submit” button is not appearing on our donate form and that they’re not able to maker donations. They’ve tried on different browsers as well. Do you have a sense of what this might be happening / if it’s been a reported issue before?

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    When this issue has been observed, it was as simple as the user not realizing they need to scroll. Enough of the form may be visible to otherwise look complete, but they don’t immediately see the submit button.
    It’s mere coincidence that the ‘Submit’ button doesn’t show, due to the generated height of the form, which varies based on Campaign Details and the form layout.

    Without actually asking them to get a screenshot, the simplest resolution would be to review your form, and minimize anything that might increase its height – widen the form, shrink any images a bit, lower font sizes, re-word a Custom Question so it takes less lines. If you can get your staff to check the form on their phones, hopefully you‘ll find a similar example, and then you have a suitable test environment to experiment a little.

    If you happen to use Google Analytics for your organization's website, you can get statistics for the screen sizes most common from your site visitors, which can be helpful if you're trying to troubleshoot this kind of layout quirk.
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