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Contacts and Transactions Not Showing Up in Salesforce

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  • Contacts and Transactions Not Showing Up in Salesforce

    Good morning,

    We recently had you all set up an additional account for our organization. The first has been integrated with Salesforce for almost two years. When the second account (Account Number: 51412) was set up, I set up the Salesforce Connection within it and it is shown as Active. However, we received several donations yesterday but they do not appear in Salesforce. We don't have an Temporary Contacts either.

    Would you tell me what I missed or why it isn't working?

    Thank you so much for your help.

    Here is our Organization ID: 00D4100000080ap

    I've also provided 7-day access.

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    I was able to post a transaction to Salesforce manually. I'm wondering why it is happening automatically.

    Also, is there a way that you can post all of the "not posted" transactions at once or will I have to do each one manually?
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      I think I figured out the issue thanks to your documentation. I didn't have the Connection Type for the second account set up as "Shared with another C&P Account." I just did that. Hopefully, transactions will be posted automatically now.


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        Good day @abrown-ppc

        Great to hear that you figured it out.
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