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Process In-Kind donations

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    Yes, you can absolutely do this.

    I would suggest a SKU of 'DON-INKIND'. Of course, it can be whatever you want, but sometimes people just want a clear answer. If you are unfamiliar with using SKUs (they are magic, once you go SKU, you'll never go back), here is a SKU Tutorial.

    You would then set your Record Type in C&P Settings > Opportunity

    Click image for larger version

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    For Fair Market Value, add a custom question in C&P Settings > Virtual Terminal (the default settings for your VT)

    Click image for larger version

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    Then you will have the question available by default on the Virtual Terminal tab.

    Now- the questions here are text only, so not quite as flexible as some of the other payment forms. So the answer to the question will return a text string.
    Here's the article on mapping to the Opportunity:Donor Management with Salesforce: C&P Settings - Custom Mapping

    Salesforce Suggestions: What I recommend is that you create a custom field to hold the text answer, and then map the value to that field, but don't add it to your layout. Then add a custom formula field that converts the text into a Currency- and this is what you would add to your layout.

    You may want to customize the Opportunity Name as well, if so, beware that NPSP Opportunity Naming will overwrite ours.

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    started a topic Process In-Kind donations

    Process In-Kind donations

    Hi All. I'm wondering if it's possibly to process an in-kind donation through the click and pledge virtual terminal in SalesForce so we can take advantage of the auto responder. I guess I have a few questions: Is it possible to add custom fields to the transactions? My thought was adding the SKU to the transaction to create an in-kind opportunity record type then I can manage the in-kind opportunity as I normally would, however I would still need to add fair market value and other in-kind specific fields to the transaction. Any help would be greatly appreciated.