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Expected "Recurring Donation" functionality with Salesforce/NPSP Integration

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  • Expected "Recurring Donation" functionality with Salesforce/NPSP Integration

    I've been reading through the forum as well as on the PowerofUs Hub and I just need a definitive answer on this. Right now, it appears that Click and Pledge takes a recurring donation and just adds it as another donation in Salesforce. It does not create "Payments" or pay off payments as installments come in. Is that correct? If so, that's a pretty huge gap. Are there other work-arounds you recommend? When does Click plan to tighten that integration with Salesforce?

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    Typically, users set up Payments to automatically create a payment for every Opportunity created. The benefit of this is that you can report on your payment object and total what has been received.

    And yes, C&P Recurring Donations are different from NPSP Recurring Donations. The Recurring Donation field you may see on your Opportunity is a lookup to the NPSP Recurring Donation object,

    So, in the data structure using NPSP, you have something like this:
    • [*=1]Recurring Donation (ID: 00RDXXXX001) - pledged $120
      • [*=1]Opportunity (003XXXXXX001) - Close Date: 09/01/2018, Stage: Received, Amount: $$10
        • [*=1]Payment - Amount $10
        [*=1]Opportunity (003XXXXXX002) - Close Date: 10/01/2018, Stage: Open [*=1]Opportunity (003XXXXXX003) - Close Date: 11/01/2018, Stage: Open

    Now, your Click&Pledge account is an integration, but it is not a sync. Only about 30% of Click & Pledge customers are Salesforce users, so the Donor Management (PaaS) app in Salesforce is not intended to be a product in and of itself, it is intended to let you add your Click & Pledge account data to Salesforce.

    Fundamentally, this means we are not asking Salesforce what it has already, we are sending the data, and then C&P Settings determines how to write it into Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and Campaigns.
    So, the app does not know that there is an NPSP object in Salesforce that has an Opportunity that is waiting to be paid. It just creates the Opportunity.
    Before updating the existing Opportunity would EVEN be feasible, there would need to be something on the payment form that passed the Recurring Donation ID that the payment needs to be applied to.

    Which is exactly how C&P Pledges works - it uses SKU to assign an incoming payment to an existing pledge. (Incidently, C&P Recurring Donations are defined differently - a C&P Recurring Donation is a repeating amount that is automatically charged on a set frequency when the original transaction is created)

    The advantage of NPSP is that your organization can be a bit more specific about forecasting, the disadvantage is that there is no automation - you have to manually record each payment to the Recurring.
    The advantage of C&P Pledges is that payments can be automatically applied to an existing expected amount, if you set up the SKU correctly. You can report on the outstanding balance.

    You have to make the plan your organization will use that will be the best option for them. I don't recommend trying to do both NPSP and C&P methods for recurring donations - this would mean your plan would involve assigning the incoming payment to the NPSP Recurring Donation manually, and then deleting the correlating open Opportunity, which is a lot of extra management.

    Version 10, set for release of Q1 2019, will have a tighter integration with NPSP- although I do not have specifics on how Recurring Donations may work differently.

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