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Primary Campaign Source not being populated from Transaction's Campaign

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  • CnP.Support.AM
    Good day @[email protected]

    Please note that the Salesforce Campaign defined in Connect (affecting the entire transaction) will be deprecated from Connect. Please review C&P Settings > Opportunity > Primary Campaign rules to ensure Opportunities receive the correct campaign. Check 'Use Transaction Campaign' in your C&P Setting rules to retain the Salesforce Campaign specified in Connect; however, we recommend implementing SKUs as the best long-term strategy.

    SKU Tutorial :

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    URL got cut off, transaction record id: a2SC0000001Dp14MAC

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  • Primary Campaign Source not being populated from Transaction's Campaign

    A client's incoming donations have been mapping from transaction campaign to opportunity primary campaign source fine up until 9/6/2018. On this date, the primary campaign source field has not been populated for any incoming donations. C&P was updated right at this time so we are wondering if any functionality has changed upon the update. They use gravity forms. Not sure if something has changed on the C&P side that results in the campaign being received differently from Gravity forms.

    In SF, the transaction shows the right campaign in the transaction campaign field, but it is not making its way to the opportunity primary campaign source field.

    I've given access
    Org ID:00D80000000LajA
    Example transaction: