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Is there a C&P Recurrings advance notification feature?

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  • Is there a C&P Recurrings advance notification feature?

    Hello, we were just talking about how often we have to deal with expired cards, and occasional issues with people who've forgotten that they made an annual pledge, and we wonder if there is a feature associated with C&P Recurrings that we can turn on to automatically notify the cardholder that their next charge is coming up?

    Seems like it would be a feature directly connected to the payment processor (C&P), but perhaps this is something we'd have to set up in Salesforce. Please let me know if this is an option, and if not, we'd appreciate any insights you have to facilitate this. thank.

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    Good day @Susanna

    As of now, it is NOT possible to get notifications but we do have a report in Salesforce which pulls the recurring cards expire in the current month.

    However, you may request that as a suggested feature in our 'Ideas and Suggestions' group:
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