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Matching Salesforce Campaigns with C&P Campaigns assigned to a specific Fraud Setting

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  • Matching Salesforce Campaigns with C&P Campaigns assigned to a specific Fraud Setting

    We have a SF page that is sending transactions to the C&P API. It worked for 2 years. Now it is giving a decline due to fraud for all transactions.
    I want to test if whitelisting the transactions will help.
    I created a custom fraud setting; I created a C&P campaign; and, I assigned the Fraud Setting to the C&P campaign.
    I also set up a test campaign in SF and assigned it to the C&P campaign.
    When I executed the transaction, a campaign was not assigned.
    (A) How do I assign the campaign successfully?
    (B) As a backup, I see that it is possible in the C&P transaction to update the campaign. Is it possible to reprocess the transaction at that point with the new campaign/fraud setting?


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    Good day @[email protected]

    Would you please share the Order number as well as the donation page link URL so that we can review whats going on?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.
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      The order number is 29376-1807151044539701076. I added the campaign AFTER it was already in the system.
      My specific questions at this point are
      (a) how do I (through the API - which field) populate the campaign field, and
      (b) if I update the campaign field AFTER the transaction is initially declined due to Fraud, how can I re-run the order with the new campaign / fraud setting?
      Setting aside larger and longer-term fixes, the answers to the above questions can save between 12 and 24 hours of work in the next 72 hours!
      Thanks for your assistance,


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        A: In preparation for adding shopping cart features, we recently made a distinction between 'Transaction Campaign' and 'Item Campaign'- that is, in the past, if no Campaign was assigned 'per line item' in a transaction, C&P Donor Management (PaaS) would automatically assign the Salesforce Setting assigned to the Connect Campaign (which -in effect, represents the value specified for the payment form).
        But going forward with multiple items in a cart, there will be cases where some items in a transaction should be assigned to a SF Campaign, and other items would need a different SF Campaign or no SF campaign.

        In the latest release, you may force items to retain the 'transaction campaign' assigned in Connect by adding a relevant SKU rule in Salesforce under C&P Settings > Opportunity > Primary Campaign and checking 'Use Transaction Campaign'. If you do not use SKUs, you may add a rule for Any and Blank SKUs to 'Use Transaction Campaign'.

        The Salesforce Campaign section in Connect > Campaign Details > Payment Settings > Salesforce Campaign will be deprecated and removed in the next major release of Connect, and SF Campaign management will be managed entirely inside the Salesforce Apps..


        B. You may change the Connect Campaign assigned to the Transaction in Connect > Transactions & Reports > Transaction > Transaction Detail. You may then use the 'repost' button to push the data into Salesforce again. This will delete the records that were created by this transaction in the past and recreate them according to the current C&P Settings in Salesforce.


        Regarding Fraud and white listing - We highly discourage users from creating custom Fraud Campaigns. As a Payment Processor, we have noticed that nonprofit payment forms are frequently targeted by malware that will run many transactions to verify credit cards.

        When you use our default fraud filter, we analyze over a hundred data points about a transaction to assign it a 'risk score', and if that score is too high- we decline the transaction before it is sent to the bank for authorization and incurs the 0.35 processing fee (even if the bank issues a decline- the fee is charged) There is no 'perfect' fraud filter - it's an 'art', not a science - a good fraud filter will catch almost every fraudulent transaction; but will on occasion block a legitimate transaction.

        When you use a custom fraud filter - you are also adding the bank verification for your transactions - so every transaction from your forms is GUARANTEED to incur the 0.35 fee. If you are hit by one of these malware programs to validate credit card numbers on your form, you can easily have thousands of transactions submitted and declined in a single day, and this can add up to thousands in bank fees for transaction where you are not bringing in additional income because they are declined.

        We do not provide specific information about a fraud block publicly as providing this information would be useful to defrauders and scam artists. Some of the more common reasons for 'false positives'
        include vague or suspicious email addresses or when nonprofits use their own online web form to process transactions (many transactions, with different CC numbers coming from the same location is obviously a red flag). You may submit a support ticket at to inquire about the order privately or to remove a block on a specific transaction.

        You may run transactions internally in the Virtual Terminal, bypassing the fraud filter required on online forms. As there is already security in place requiring a known user and permissions- VT transactions are posted directly to the bank.
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