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SKU's not mapping to Opportunity on Invoice

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  • SKU's not mapping to Opportunity on Invoice

    I have several questions regarding Invoices:

    1. I have configured Opportunities and Custom Mapping in C&P Settings, but when I create an Invoice and enter a SKU, when the Opportunity is created, it does not use the SKU map.
    2. Ultimately, I would like to create a 'list' of items that my internal users can select when they create an invoice, with these items configured with specific SKU's. Is this possible? If so, how?

    Our Org ID is 00D41000000Ukuw, and I have granted login access.

    Thank you,


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    Good day @PattiN

    May I know to which field you are mapping on Opportunity? Please share the order number of the transaction processed through invoice so that we can review it.

    Regarding the list of items, yes, you may add the list of items under C&P Settings >> Virtual Terminal, and will appear on the C&P Invoice page.
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      If the SKU starts with EF, it should be Record Type "Event Fees"
      If the SKU contains :FINC_4220, the field Opportunity.Finance Category should be 4220: Program Revenue
      If the SKU contains :FINP_710, the field Opportunity.Finance Program should be 710: Conversation Project

      It is Invoice number OR-INV-05/15/2018-1006

      Thank you.
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        I was on live support today and Kamran solved this for me. Thanks, Kamran!