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How to receive payments toward pledges

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  • How to receive payments toward pledges

    We get online payments, through click and pledge connect form, toward already created opportunities in Salesforce (pledges) that need to be received in as a payment toward the opportunity rather than creating a new opportunity. Optionally we could change the way we record pledges. How does Click and Pledge manage pledges? Is there a way to do this with online payments? Currently we have to delete the entire opportunity and recreate it as a payment, that is after (if) we remember this donor has a pledge and then looking up the opportunity.
    Let me know your suggestions.
    Allison Holt
    Freedom House

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    Good day freedomhouse

    Please check this article:

    We solve this issue a different way. The problem with your approach is, an automated system cannot possibly know which opportunity you wish to settle. What if there are 3 opportunities with the same amount, e.g. $100 and the donor donates $100 - which one should be settled?

    Our approach makes it all predictable.

    Hope that helps.
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