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Solution request for down payment with installment options

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  • Solution request for down payment with installment options

    Please help me with a C & P solution for the following requirements...

    The client is Salesforce NPSP, charges customers for enrolling in their program.
    They charge a down payment & the rest is broken down into installments.

    Clients walk into the office to enroll, so the actual enrollment process is not being done online, rather it's done internally by Salesforce users.
    Case Managers need the ability to adjust clients payment plan schedules, & down payments.

    Additionally they are planning on using Salesforce Communities to allow users to login to their account & pay their installment.s

    An additional requirement (nice to have) would be to allow the system to save a credit card & do the recurring payments automatically.

    My original thought process in terms of solutions was to use salesforce recurring donations, this would create each installment as one opportunity, I would then use the opportunity settlement VF page on contact to allow clients to login to the community, see their open opportunities & choose to pay 1 or more via the VT opportunity settlement.

    My question is how I would process the original down payment amount in Click & Pledge, & if there is a way to automatically process the open opportunities should the client opt in for automatic recursion?

    I would rather use opportunities with the payment plan (NPSP feature) instead of Recurring donations, however I'm not sure how to automate the process of mapping a C& P transaction to an existing payment record in Salesforce. With Recurring donations I'd be using the opportunity settlement page.

    Are there any other tools Click & Pledge offers to manage this type of scenario? I have explored pledges but I do not see a way to adjust them similar to a payment plan that recurring donations offers.

    Finally, are there any plans for updating the Virtual Terminal to a Lightning style script? It looks archaic when you run lightning.

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    Option 1- Virtual Terminal enrollment with C&P Pledges and automated payments
    Clients walk into the office to enroll - Salesforce users use C&P Virtual Terminal to complete this process. An initial enrollment plan item can be pre-set in C&P Settings > Virtual Terminal.

    Salesforce users create a C&P Pledge for the client, and set the SKU to be something unique to that client - I would suggest PLG-(email address), or even PLG-(SF Contact ID)

    Salesforce User sets up a C&P Recurring Donation, which is an automated payment schedule. By setting up the recurring donation with the SKU of the client, the automated payments will be attributed to the C&P Pledge.
    To edit this automated schedule, Salesforce users would need to cancel the existing Recurring Donation and create a new one using 'card on file'. By keeping the SKU the same on the Pledge, payment records are retained on the pledge despite the schedule change.

    This doesn't give clients the opportunity to make their own payments, the best you could do would custom create a process to request a payment method change, and perhaps create an autoresponder to go out when the new payment method has been entered by a Salesforce user. This would rely on whether we could create a condition to fire the autoresponder on the pre-authorization created when editing the payment method.

    Option 2- Virtual Terminal enrollment with Recurring Donations and Opportunity Settlement
    Same enrollment process for initial fee.

    Salesforce User creates a Recurring Donation, including the Contact in the C&P Contact field, the amount as the total amount, the close date as the expected date (a year). Note the open opportunity type must be available for Opportunity Settlements in C&P Settings > Opportunity. (this could also be done with recurring donations. In the typical Opportunity settlement VF page, you select which open Opportunity should be settled- do the difference would be whether they have 12 payments of $100 listed, or 1 of $1200 listed. This will set the Unit price on the Virtual Terminal when loaded.)

    Preconfiguration Needed
    • [*=1]Opportunity Settlement is a one-time chance to close an open Opportunity, so you would need Recurring Donations to create the multiple Opportunities to pay. [*=1]You will need to set the Recurring Donation Contact to populate the Opportunity C&P Contact field in NPSP settings [*=1]I suggest reducing as many items as possible in the Virtual Terminal settings, so that the screen is not so large and there is less to enter)
    Your problem here is that you cannot lock the price, and you won't want users editing the price - if they do, the opportunity amount is updated with that and closed. Perhaps you can restrict that through permissions.

    Here our expertise ends - we have not added Opportunity settlements to Salesforce communities before. But if you can get the Opportunity Settlement VF into communities, and the VT page - the theory works.

    Clients would still not be able to change their payment schedule themselves, but Salesforce users could do this manually.


    Opportunity Settlements is the only method we have for editing an existing open Opportunity, and it can only be done once, so that is a limitation. So I don't think NPSP Payments will be helpful.

    Choosing whether or not to automate the payments will be a one-time choice made at the beginning of the process, and you would have to make use of both options to make happen. Trying to switch someone mid-stream would be a pain- so if they automate payments, I suggest you let them know they will not be able to change their schedule. And offering both will make your reporting trickier - since you're tracking some under C&P Recurring Donations, and some under NPSP Recurring Donations, but could be done by only reporting on Opportunities, maybe pull the total anticipated from the recurring donation (either type).

    Hope this helps, C&P Support
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