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Opportunity Mapping fields not on donation form

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  • Opportunity Mapping fields not on donation form

    We have set up a donation form associated with a campaign, and the opportunities get created in Salesforce and are linked to that campaign, and questions completed on the form also carry over into the fields as mapped - great! However, we are trying to have the opportunities created by this particular donation form, and associated with this campaign, to also fill other fields that are not associated with questions asked on the form (and we wouldn't want them to be visible on the form). Specifically, in our Salesforce Opportunity layout we have a "Class" field, and a "Job Code" field. How can we add the data/settings on the donation form or through the custom mapping in the Click and Pledge Salesforce app to create the opportunities to include the "class" and "job code" that we want? I've been trying to figure it out, with no luck. Hope that makes sense! Our C&P account is 38577, and Salesforce org ID is 00DA00000009DTn, in case that helps. The campaign/donation form we are working with is "Mountains to Sound Greenway Breakfast" -

    Any help appreciated!

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    Also - Salesforce access granted in case you need it


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      Good day @[email protected]

      Sorry, there is no way to add the custom questions based on the particular donation form. Custom questions are based on the Campaign only. However, as of now, there is NO option to pass the hidden custom questions in the Connect Campaign.

      You may accomplish the above using SKU Mapping in Salesforce. You may map to those respective fields based on the SKU with default values:

      Click image for larger version

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      Hope that helps.
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