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Custom Mapping - SKU Map not working

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  • Custom Mapping - SKU Map not working

    I have a SKU mapping set up to check a checkbox. The criteria used is "SKU includes". The mapping is not working. I set up this mapping as the only one in a sandbox environment to eliminate any competing mappings. I've deleted and recreated the mapping. Still not getting the box to check. I've researched and confirmed that there is no unrelated automation set up to uncheck this box. Can you help me troubleshoot this mapping? I've granted access to the sandbox if you'd like to look in the org. Org ID: 00Dc0000003w5am

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    I have an update to this request. We found that there was a C&P field that had a similar api name to the custom field I was mapping to and the code was attempting to update the C&P field rather than our field. The C&P field was CnP_PaaS__Tax_deductible__c and our field was Tax_deductible__c. Our theory is that the code used for custom mapping can not see the namespace in the field name and was finding the C&P field first, thus attempting, but failing, to update it. So my new request is, can you edit your code to look for the full api name, including the namespace so that we can avoid this in the future. Thanks!


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      Good day @[email protected]

      Please note that Salesforce doesn't consider the namespace and it works on FIFO (FIRST-IN-FIRST-OUT) process. You will need to change that at your end.

      Hope that helps.
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