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Donors having issue making an online donation -double transactions processed

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  • Donors having issue making an online donation -double transactions processed


    Our donors have been experiencing issues when making an online donation on . They would enter their payment information and click submit, but sometimes either the system takes a long time to process so they don't see anything on the screen, or it would take them back to the payment screen again, which makes them think their transaction didn't go through so they submitted another transaction which then caused duplicate transactions to appear. So we have a high number of refunds. This has been happening for several months.
    Another issue, seems like the donor would enter a $ amount but when it's charged it's charging them $250 and not the amount that they've entered.

    A few examples of what the donors told us happened:
    -Patricia said she was having trouble making her online donation and that every time she entered $100.00 it would change to $250.00. She said she only meant to give once.
    -As far as I know I only made a $25.00 gift. I had trouble with the transaction, so that could hDonor requested refund for $250 Nov 28, 2017 giftave been the problem, but I donít have that kind of money to spend right now.
    - I only wanted to donate 50$ not the 250$
    -A donor called. He said he made a donation online yesterday around this time (10am Ė 10:30) for $ 26.51. His bank called and ask if he made a donation which he did but asked if he did made another donation for $250.00 which he didnít. He needs to be refunded.
    -Donor called and requested to please refund one of her donations for $250.00 she made yesterday 10/5/17 because there was an error when trying to make her donation online and it went through twice and only meant to give once.
    -Donor called and said he made a donation on 8/8/17 for $500.00 and his credit card was processed twice for the same amount and he only meant to give once.

    Is there a way to see what's going on so the donors wouldn't think that their transaction didn't go through when indeed it did?

    Several examples of duplicate transactions: (some i've already refunded)







    Thank you!

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    Hi, any updates on this? This is becoming a larger issue. In December, we processed 25 refunds as a result of duplicate transactions made online totalling $8500 not counting the fees that we had to incur because of the chargebacks. I think this is a pretty high volume for a nonprofit like ours and plus the significant negative impression that this made on our organization. Our donors are now wary in making online donations through our website.

    A couple more feedback from the donors when they finally realized their transactions did go through after multiple attempts resulting in duplication transactions: When they hit the submit button, the page froze, nothing happened. So the donor thought the transaction didn't go through, he even tried 2 different credit cards (one is a debit card) and also used Paypal.

    here are a few more examples of transactions that i had to refund:

    36448-1712272309480679748 (This donor did 4 transactions back to back)
    36448-1801010004133791019 (This donor did 6 transactions)

    Please let me know ASAP what needs to be done so our donors do not have to go through this experience.



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      Any updates?


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        Good day mjokiman

        Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Please note that when you post to the forum all developers are notified and we have to research this in detail before answering the question. Just be assured that we are reviewing the case.

        We have tested the forms in every browser and in iframe and stand alone and see no issues. We have tested it remotely using iOS, Windows, and Linux environment. Last month there was an issue reported by a client that in Safari on mobile phones the thank you page was showing a blank page when the form was iframed. We added provisions for Safari to take care of an exception that was occurring on certain devices with high privacy that was blocking the thank you page redirect.

        We are investigating the 6 transactions and will update this post once we have tested your site. All transactions show several minutes in between so the donor has donated over and over again.. the question is why is the Thank You page not being shown. We have received the payment so it is not a connection issue and given the velocity score we see that the transactions are several minutes apart. We just need a bit more time to complete our review.
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          Ok thanks for the update. I just needed a confirmation that someone is looking into this. Especially after a few days after the original post and there's still no response. Yes, the donors are donating more than once because they did not get any confirmation page that the donation went through. Looking forward for the next update. Thanks!


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            Good day mjokiman

            Our review shows a few patterns that we do not quite understand.

            Please see:

            36448-1712312336092765671 >> 2017-12-31 23:36:09.323
            36448-1712312339215965671 >> 2017-12-31 23:39:21.643
            36448-1801010001377805671 >> 2018-01-01 00:01:37.827
            36448-1801010004133791019 >> 2018-01-01 00:04:13.427
            36448-1801010005526961019 >> 2018-01-01 00:05:52.743

            The above are the order numbers and date/time of the transactions. The transactions show several hours between each transaction. If a person sees no "Thank you" page they will process it immediately and not wait 4 hours to donate again.

            In reviewing your account we noticed that you have set the receipt NOT to be sent from the system. You may be using the Salesforce Autoresponder for this purpose which sends the email once the contact has been set and not if it is in the C&P Temporary Contact.

            The behavior we are seeing closely resembles a donor that waits for the receipt but does not receive it and thinks the payment has not gone through. We do not see any issues and have done extensive test on all browsers, seeing no issues.

            Do you have any specifics on the type of platform, OS, and device used? The behavior does not match a misbehaving form based on all that we see.
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              Hi, on the 6 transactions above, I personally talked to the donor and asked him specifically about his experience with the online donation form. He waited to make sure that he's not going to receive any emails confirming his previous transaction even though there's no thank you page appeared. Yes, we did set up the Salesforce Autoresponder and I go through it daily (except during the weekend).

              This post is about a donor who didn't receive an autoresponder, when she should have gotten one, hence resulting in a duplicate transaction that we had to refund.
              Hi, this donor made a transaction on Dec 14th 36448-1712141102342755441 but she didn't receive any email confirmation. So on the 17th, after waiting for a few

              We started using Click and Pledge in May 2017. Since then, we have had to refund 63 transactions (23 of which were in December) totalling $14,883.50 resulting in a few thousand dollars worth of chargeback fees that we had to pay Transfirst.

              Compared that with the prior year where we were not using Click and Pledge: May 2016-Dec 2016 where we had only 2 donations to be refunded. And if I ran a report from May 2016-December 2016, we had a total of 13 credit card refunds.

              So as you can see, the number of refunds that we had to do this past 7 months are very high compared to previous years, almost to the point that it's not acceptable.
              Because these donations are made online, we certainly do not have any information about the type of platform, OS, and device used.


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                Hi, we are still experiencing this issue. Our marketing agency that created the forms stated: Weíve been removing any instances where donors could be double-clicking and it actually going through twice (example: navigating the page only with your keyboard and hitting enter two times quickly). Here are a couple recent examples of duplicate donations:




                Although I do understand that the time stamp shows these duplicate transactions were conducted back to back, we need to dig deeper as to why the donor thinks that their first attempt did not go through. If you look at our account, I'm sure you can see how many refunds we've had to do over the last several months. Please help us resolve this issue asap.



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                  Of the donations received since 5/15/18 (last 6 months) that were donated through the same form as the examples you listed:

                  0.3% required a refund
                  2.9% were Voided (issued credit the same day - I would assume that would suggest someone realized the issue quickly and resolved it).

                  As far as acceptable usage for that form, it's performing at better than 96%.

                  That still meant that 50 transactions did require a refund. Issuing a refund every 2.5 business days may feel excessive, but once you consider that in the context of how many transactions succeed, perhaps the issue with the form is not as serious as it appears.

                  I did notice that you have turned off Connect Receipts, so you may be using Auto-responders instead. There can be delay in how quickly an Autoresponder is sent, as it does require that the transaction must be matched to a temporary Contact in Salesforce. Some clients send both - the Connect Receipt is the fastest potential means of response,and then the Auto-responders act as their tax-notification letter. It's your choice whether the additional ability to customize is worth the trade-off of a time delay.

                  So you could enable Receipts and your Patrons would receive an alternative confirmation more quickly, but in the case above (3-4 seconds), I'm not sure you would notice much improvement.

                  If you still receive reports that Patrons are not seeing the confirmation screen from the form, we can revisit, but is very hard to pinpoint a change to be made when we cannot replicate the behavior.

                  Sincerely, Amanda
                  C&P Customer Advocate

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                    Hi Amanda, That is very excessive to have to issue a refund every 2.5 business days especially when the donor feels the issue is on our end. We would be losing 'business' as donors would lose trust in our organization. The number of contacts that are in the Temporary Contact is very minimal, and plus if donor is getting a confirmation screen, the autoresponder/temporary contact situation would not be an issue, the donor would not be clicking submit again if they see the confirmation screen.
                    I just want to confirm that you did try to replicate the behavior, as in, making a donation on our site? If so, is there anything on the form that we missed, that we could add to eliminate the issue? From a couple of the donors that were willing to share their experience, they said they did not see anything on the screen so that's why they clicked submit again.


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                      Hi, just a few minutes ago, a donor made an online donation and looks like 2 of them came through. I spoke to the donor and he said he didn't have any issue making the donation and he only submitted it once.
                      Here are the order numbers, i already refunded one of them: 36448-1811261312572276229 and 36448-1811261312572796229


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