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Setting Different Contact Record Types

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  • Setting Different Contact Record Types

    I want to be able to set different contact record types per C&P campaign. Would this be set under the Contacts & Accounts section of C&P Settings, and if so, what is the best condition to select? Transaction Campaign? If so, what's supposed to be entered under "WID / Campaign/ C&P Account Number"? The C&P campaign name, or the C&P campaign alias? Thank you!

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    Good day @jkwok

    Yes, you may set that in C&P Settings >> Contacts & Accounts. The use of it all depends on you.

    However, regarding the options:
    • WID - If the transactions processing from PaaS and Event in Salesforce as well as from Connect VT then the WID should be 0. If it's processing from Connect Campaign then it should be blank. For Connect forms, we have GUID which you may place it in WID.
    • Campaign - The Campaign is nothing but Transaction Campaign.
    • C&P Account Number - In case of multiple accounts, you may need to select the account number, based on that the Record Type will get assigned to the Contact.
    Please note that it works on first come first serve basis, meaning, if the first condition satisfied then that record type will get assigned.
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      Thank you! I'm not sure what's meant by Transaction Campaign though. Is it the campaign name, the alias, or something else entirely?
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        Nevermind, I just got clarification on this. It's the campaign name. Thank you!