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ECheck Posting Issue

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  • ECheck Posting Issue

    We had someone try to make a donation using an Echeck on Oct. 31, 2017. However, when doing our end-of-month reconciliation we noticed some discrepancies with the postings - between Connect, Salesforce, and Transaction Central. When reviewing the transaction in Connect we see that the Transaction Result says "Authorized." However, when we review the Saleforce Transaction record the Authorization Code says, "ECHECK NOT VERIFIED" but then the Salesforce Opportunity/Donation Record shows a Stage of "Posted." So, the Connect transaction record and the Salesforce Opportunity record both seem to imply that the payment has been authorized and cleared, but the Salesforce Transaction record says that its not. Looking in Transaction Central we see that it was in fact Returned and never cleared. We need the Connect Transaction Record to be fixed to reflect this. Otherwise, we will always have to account for a discrepancy between Connect, Salesforce, and Transaction Central. We do NOT want to reprocess as the person has already made another donation by credit card which has cleared.

    Org ID = 00DF00000005zU1
    The Transaction Order Number = 26033-1710310922567454530
    Account access has been granted for 7 days
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    Hi Matthew,

    eChecks can be difficult to work with because of the delay they require to process.

    Behind the scenes, Click & Pledge sends the transaction information to our merchant bank. They send an immediate response with the status based on what the Patron's credit card company sends back - think of when you're sliding your card at a store, and the machine says 'Authorized' - it's that response.

    With eChecks, the merchant bank sends the eCheck to the Patron's bank, and then it takes up to 5 days to process and get a response to the merchant bank. Click&Pledge never gets any news on this status, so the only way to verify eCheck status is by logging into the Translink with the merchant bank.

    C&P Donor Management is an app that allows you to map your payment information from your C&P Account into Salesforce. It's not a sync- it's just a way to help you get your payment information into Salesforce. The only additional impact C&P makes on the Opportunity after it is initially posted is that we do change the stage in the event that the transaction is refunded.

    Generally it's a rare occurrence, but it is an issue inherent to the process that can't really have a good solution. You should use your login to the merchant account to verify the status of echeck transactions, or reconsider offering echecks as an option on your payment forms.

    Regards, C&P Live Support

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