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Salesforce posting error

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  • Salesforce posting error

    I had 16 donations today that received an error when posting to Salesforce, but there are donations on either side that posted successfully. I've tried to manually post each to SF with now success. Can you provide insight into how I can resolve?

    Account #: 30158
    SF Org ID: 00D41000000MPv1

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    Good day @kkosak

    We don't have access to your instance.

    However, here is the problem, I just reviewed your transactions & they are all returning the following error from Salesforce: Total Request Limit Exceeded

    It seems that you are running out of API calls. There is a certain limit of API calls which might be exceeded and Salesforce simply rejecting our posts and blocks us from doing anything because there were No API calls available.

    Please grant us access so that we can also review.
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