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Mailing state code errors and credited transactions

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  • Mailing state code errors and credited transactions

    We're running a campaign using a C&P donation page. A few donations (one example is order #26971-1711170216220002885) haven't automatically posted to Salesforce due to non-matching mailing state codes. I've updated Salesforce with the required mailing state code and re-posted the transaction, but I'm not sure if this card was actually charged - in Connect, it tells me the payment status is credited but in the c&p report, there's no decline reason. Can you tell me if this card was actually processed? How can I keep this issue from happening again? Is there a list of mailing state codes that c&p required to map with Salesforce? I've granted 1 week access to my Salesforce account.

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    I just looked at a transaction report for today and it looks like more than half of the attempted donations are listed as credited. We really need to know why this is happening asap. We just launched our end of year campaign last night and from what I understand, it seems like we're not getting the donations that donors are attempting to make to us.


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      Good day @MichelleGFN

      We have re-posted the order number in the question and it has been processed successfully in your instance.

      Regarding the credited transactions, we reviewed and found those transactions are VOIDED, the reason for crediting the transaction is because of the custom Fraud profile you have assigned to the respective Campaign. However, we see that you have disabled the custom fraud profile so, moving forward it won't be an issue.

      Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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        We have quite a few transactions that are showing up as credited - is it possible to re-run those cards or do we have to reach out to each of those donors individually to see if they are willing to donate again since they weren't charged the first time?


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          Good day MichelleGFN

          When a transaction has been authorized and later voided or credited you have the credit card number on file. The card-on-file will work allowing you to charge the card.

          You may do this in Salesforce or in the Connect virtual terminal. Simply go to the virtual terminal and lookup the contact and proceed with the card-on-file.

          Hope it helps.. let us know if you need more help.
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