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Online Donation Form Troubleshooting

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  • Online Donation Form Troubleshooting

    I'm trying to troubleshoot whether a form on a client's website is not working due to something in the website's code or on the Click and Pledge side of things.

    An attempt to make a donation through this page: allows you to get to the end of the process but then gives an error message upon confirmation. When I visit the connect portal for the client, I do not see my transaction. I have confirmed that my credit card info is valid, etc. so I'm trying to figure out if C&P is not processing it and why. What other info can I provide to help you determine the source of the error?

    The org's name is "Fair Food Network".

    The custom error message is: "We’re sorry! It looks like something went wrong. You can return to the Give page here or get in touch with us directly at [email protected] or 734.213.3999. We look forward to connecting with you soon.
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    The basket is empty"

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    Good day @[email protected]

    The error message which you are referring to is NOT from C&P, it is custom message defined by you in your website. However, we found that the UnitPrice1 is not passing to the API and resulting the error "Basket is Empty".

    We highly recommend that you do the following during the development:

    Change the post to to

    The VERIFY service will show you a page that reveals all form fields that is being posted to us.

    Basket EMPTY means no item is being posted with valid value and quantity. For example if item name is blank or quantity is 0 or amount 0

    Please change your post method and see what you are posting to us. I am sure you will see what is going on and once you done with the development, don't forgot to change to:
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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