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Changing credit card numbers triggering email from C&P?

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  • Changing credit card numbers triggering email from C&P?

    Hi there,

    My client said that she had gone into someone's C&P Recurring record, clicked on the Edit Credit Card Info button, and changed the person's credit card number. From there, someone on their staff apparently received an automated email receipt from C&P for $0.00 for that person. I ran my own test following those steps, and confirmed that this is happening.

    What is the purpose of this email? Is there a way to disable it?

    Thank you!

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    Good day @jkwok

    When you edit and change the credit card information of recurring, our system will pre-authorize the card with $0 amount and the email will be sent to the persons who is listed under internal notification list in Receipt settings of Connect.

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      Good day jkwok

      One point that is important to keep in mind is that we do NOT save a credit card number but save the token. To tokenize we submit the credit card to the gateway and request a token for the card. This action will also validate the card to make sure all is OK since the token needs to be used for any future transaction.

      To tokenize we have to authorize the card and this is called pre-authorization since no money exchanges hand. It is the same process when you go to a gas station - they always validate your card with $1 transaction which never settles and then charge the card after the completion of the process.

      Hope that further helps with understanding how the entire process works.
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