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Apex governor limit warning

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  • Apex governor limit warning

    I have received this email from Salesforce.

    "Operation: insert.Account

    By user/organization: 005G0000001sXH2/00DG0000000ggbA

    Caused the following Apex resource warnings:

    CnP_PaaS:Number of SOQL queries: 54 out of 100

    (these emails can be disabled from the user detail page for this user)"

    My Salesforce account ID is: 00DG0000000ggbA

    Please advise re: how to address this issue. Thank you.

    John Henry

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    Good day @john.henry

    That is not an error but a warning stating that the query limit may be approaching. This is not a Click & Pledge error and is purely a Salesforce warning. Our platform runs a lot of queries to determine contacts, etc. and as such you may see these warnings at times.

    This warning may be disabled through the Salesforce Admin.
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