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  • GA Gives Day Receipts

    Good morning,

    I spoke to Kami yesterday about not receiving a receipt for a GA Gives Day donation that we received on July 5th. He had me login to our GA Gives Day account, click on the Donate button, go to Settings, and check the email addresses in the Notification List section of the Basic Notification page. I did add [email protected] to that section, but realized after I'd hung up with Kami that we'd received a GA Gives Day donation receipt as recently as May 22nd and that we hadn't made any changes to our GA Gives Day setup between May 22nd and July 5th.

    I suspect that (as of the last 10 days or so) GA Gives Day receipts are coming from Connect rather than the legacy portal. So, somewhere we need to change our receipt settings. But, I don't know where to do that in Connect. Can you please help me figure this out?

    Also, is it possible with Connect receipts to send, say, copies of membership receipts to our membership chair and copies of event registration receipts to our programs chair - basically different types of receipts being copied to different email address?

    Thanks for your help!

    Suzi Gough

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    Good day @SEFAA

    Yes, earlier we are sending the copy of receipt to the organization irrespective of the settings but from the recent update, the Organization will receive the copy of receipt ONLY if their email is listed under notification list.

    As you have listed the above email under notification list, moving forward you will get notification for GA Gives Day transactions.
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