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Requiring CVV on Credit Card transactions

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  • Requiring CVV on Credit Card transactions

    Is there any way to process a donation (preferably through FaaS) without a CVV/CV2 code? We have donors mail in coupons with their credit card information hand-written and we are concerned that people will be hesitant to include their security code.


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    Good day seedsysdev

    Without the CVV the fraud system will block the transaction. If you are thinking of taking a form public without CVV you are risking a lot of fraud and fees.

    If you have the credit card you may run it through the virtual terminal without CVV as that is optional in the VT. Our Virtual Terminal in Salesforce & Connect do not need CVV and you should also never ask that to be written down as that is in violation of PCI.

    In a public form we ask that you please do NOT consider, at anytime, allowing a public form not to have CVV.

    Each fraud transaction that posts in the absence of our fraud protection will have a $35 fee associated with it. We see transactions posting to our system authenticating credit cards at speeds of 50,000 / 10 minutes .. massive fraud occurs for nonprofits and we block them and protect you. If you remove it then you are responsible for it.

    Hope that answers your question.
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      My apologies on my previous post. I was actually wrong with when I said that we were hoping to do it through FaaS. I really meant PaaS. We have a scanning software that scans in our coupons and reads in the credit card number that our donor has hand-written. With that information, we then want to automatically process the credit card transaction.

      Our public form will definitely include the CVV code. This would be a private function that would submit through the C&P API. If it can be done through the VT, can it be done through the API?

      Sorry for the confusion, but thank you for that advice.


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        Good day seedsysdev

        The schema for PaaS has CVV optional.

        <xsd:element name="Cvv2">
        <xsd:documentation>Card verification number or security code on the back of the credit card. Use 123 if transacting in Test mode.</xsd:documentation>
        <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
        <xsd:minLength value="0"/>
        <xsd:maxLength value="4"/>

        The minimum length may be 0.

        Custom PaaS applications may pass CVV2 as optional.

        Hope that helps.
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          That helps a lot. Thank you very much!