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Receiving email notices for other organizations' donations

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  • Receiving email notices for other organizations' donations

    We just started receiving email notices for what appear to be declined recurring transactions from other organizations, not our donors. We've received 14 so far with more coming in as I type this, and they are being sent to the two email addresses on the Internal Email List under our Receipt Settings in Connect: [email protected] and [email protected].

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    Likewise, I've been receiving notices (30 of them intended for various other oganizations) since 11:24 am (PDT). What is going on?


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      Good day!

      We apologize for the issue. Our team is about to send an email to all those that were affected.

      Here is the story.

      The new system design with the customized receipt had a bug in that the declined (ONLY THE DECLINED) transactions for today's recurring were sent to 33 organizations. In other words 33 organizations received declined messages based on the order that their card was processed. A total of 55 transactions were posted to all those organizations.

      We are truly sorry about this and are investigating the issue. The only information that has been sent to the organizations is the first and last name of the donor - the same email you have received.

      Our team is working on a detailed email and will be sending it out shortly. The system was stopped as soon as we realized what is going on and have fixed the issue. The rest of the recurring transactions were processed without any issues.

      Once again we are truly sorry and are working on notifying all the 33 organizations that were affected.
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        Thank you for the quick response to the problem. I noticed today, however, that the email notices we receive for our lapsed recurring donors seem to be missing information. The email states, "We are unable to process the following recurring transaction due to the reason(s) listed below:" but there is no reason included in the email. I believe these notices used to include the order number as well.