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Salesforce Data Storage Strategy

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  • Salesforce Data Storage Strategy

    My organization (River Radio Ministries - 20588 Salesforce Org: 00Dd0000000eXib) has used 100% of our data storage in Salesforce.

    As I was analyzing our data I realized that for every transaction we're storing 4 items:
    C&P Transaction
    C&P Data

    I am shutting down payments as that really isn't necessary but still I'm using 15% of our database on Opportunity, and nearly 15% on C&P Transaction and another 15% on C&P Data.

    Would there be any issues if I deleted C&P Transaction and C&P Data from transactions that are, say, more than a year old to save space? I could potentially get back 25% of of my data storage that way. I'm just trying to think creatively before I drop $1,000+ on another gig of storage from Salesforce.


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    Good day @dstephens

    If you delete the C&P Transaction and C&P Data then there will be NO way of tracing the opportunity/payment source. You will lose all of the information related to the payment within the Salesforce.
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