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ACH Transaction Returned but in NPSP = Received

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  • ACH Transaction Returned but in NPSP = Received

    For this order number 36448-1705091251255174017 the transaction in NPSP shows as "Received". But in Transfirst report, it shows Returned - Invalid Account number. Why is the status in NPSP showing as received when in fact it didn't go through?

    How can I reconcile between what Transfirst processed vs what's in NPSP since this is one example where there's a discrepancy?


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    Any updates?


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      Good day mjokiman

      This is an eCheck and we are not notified when an eCheck bounces. There is no way for us to know the status of an eCheck, when it clears, bounces, or any other status.

      eChecks are totally manual - we post the request to the gateway and they submit it to NACHA for clearing.. all is manual. If the status in Transfirst is set to decline then you will need to manually update the stage in Salesforce as gateways do not post that information back to us.

      Sorry for the inconvenience. One of the biggest problems with eCheck is this very shortcoming and one that we wish we did not have to offer, given it is so backward but we have no choice since clients ask for it.
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