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SKU not tracking to correct Opportunity Record Type

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  • SKU not tracking to correct Opportunity Record Type

    Hello - I am having a problem with some recurring opportunities that I have set up to go to a particular record type and campaign, but it is not working correctly. It is on C&P account 34781 / SF #00DU0000000XpxX and I have granted login rights.

    In C&P Settings / Opportunity, Under all three sections - Opportunity Name, Record Type and Primary Campaign Source, the first condition in each one is "SKU includes UW". This is working on single gifts, but not working on recurring payments.

    It appears that it was working in on C&P order Number 175210525089480272639 where the C&P SKU is UW. The Opportunity Type is correct as Underwriting, but it put the opportunity in the Sustaining Campaign.

    This is also true on C&P order number 1742850387425952858 and 17429191810471230382.

    Could you take a look and see why it is not picking up the C&P setting for the Campaign?