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Mapping Field from C&P transaction to Salesforce Opportunity

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  • Mapping Field from C&P transaction to Salesforce Opportunity

    As an accommodation to track recurring donations in Salesforce without the native ability to leverage SFDC recurring donation objects, I'm wondering if it's possible to do the following.

    Using the donate page on my site or a C&P donation form via email, donors have the option to flag a gift as a "recurring donation". When this transaction comes in to salesforce, I am able to see that it is an installment and what installment number it is within a series. I can see this on the C&P transaction record because the record shows installment specific fields for example - -

    <NextInstallmentDate>2017-06-04 00:00:00</NextInstallmentDate>

    I would like to map the field <<InstallmentNumber>> to a field on the salesforce Opportunity. Is this possible?

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    Good day @RMHamdan

    NO, it is not possible to map the installment numbers.

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