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Donor requested email opt out from autoresponder

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  • Donor requested email opt out from autoresponder

    Hi, we have donors who have opted out from our emails but they're still receiving autoresponders from C&P. Is there a way to have these donors to be opted out from C&P emails?


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    Good day mjokiman

    No- the Autoresponder simply matches the rules and not any opt-in our opt-out. Please note that the Autoresponder is NOT a mailing list or a newsletter. It is designed to be an acknowledgement of a transaction. If someone opts out of emails it does not mean they do not wish to receive receipts of their donations.

    The autoresponder does not check for any field for opting one way or another. It is just not part of its concept.

    Hope that answers your question.
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      Thank you. It does answer my question. Although we do understand that autoresponder is not a mailing list or a newsletter, we still have donors who request to not receive any emails from our organization regardless of its content. Just like with direct mail, we do have a mailing preference where donors can be opted out from the direct mailing list, but they also have the option whether or not they'd like to continue receiving receipts of their donations. Surprisingly, there are donors who do not want their receipt each time they give, they just want a year end statement summary.
      I think the same concept should apply here, where we provide donors the option whether or not they'd want to receive an acknowledgment of their transaction. It'd be great to have this flexibility to honor our donors' wishes.