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Auto Responder on Recurring Established Date

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  • Auto Responder on Recurring Established Date

    Is it possible to set up the auto-responder to trigger on the established date of a recurring gift? We want to send out an email saying "Thank you for giving monthly" as soon as someone signs up for monthly donations, regardless of whether the first installment is made that day or some time in the future. Using the "First installment" option in the auto-responder settings could cause a delay of up to two weeks if a person enrolls before their first installment date, which would be terrible for donor stewardship.

    Thank you!

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    Good day @seedsysdev

    I see what you are referring to. As of now you may need to setup TWO Auto-responders with the following conditions: one with the "Pre-Authorization for future recurring / change of credit card number" which fires the Auto-responder for future date transaction of zero installment only and the other one is with "First Installment" which fires the Autoresponder on the actually charge date i.e First Installment.

    1: Pre-Authorization for future recurring / change of credit card number
    Click image for larger version

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    2: First Installment
    Click image for larger version

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    But please make note that for the future date recurring transaction will receive TWO Auto-responders, one is when they PreAuthorized the card (zero installment) and on the charge date i.e. on First installment.

    However, I have forwarded this to our developers to see the possibilities to include the option you are asking for in the future releases.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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      Do I need to set up both auto-responders? I tried the "Pre-Authorization for future recurring" option and the auto-responder did not send anything. I set the ChargeDateDay for 11 days from now, the C&P recurring opportunity was created and I saw the $0 opportunity in Salesforce, but there was no auto-responder triggered.

      Thank you for your help.


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        You can disregard my previous post. I must have had something in there that was making it not work. I scrapped my auto-responders and started from scratch. With your suggestions, it is now working. Thank you so much!