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All monthly recurring gifts due to run today are declined

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  • All monthly recurring gifts due to run today are declined

    All of our monthly recurring gifts due to run today are showing as declined and posted to Salesforce, but they are not showing up in Salesforce at all. There is no reason given for the decline. We have 43 due to run today and so far all 6 that have run are showing this way. Some of the order numbers are: 17528353636601185300, 17528255569467549910,
    17528165486433428506. I have granted one week access. Our SF organization ID is 00Do0000000e6Y2.

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    Good day Caren Mulford

    We have contacted Transfirst and inquired about the reason for such a high rate of declines. We are aware of an abnormal behavior and will update you once we have an update.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We are simply reporting what the gateway is telling us and the extremely high rate is not normal across all accounts.
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      Thank you for the reply. Please note, these declined transactions are also not posting to Salesforce. Usually when a recurring gift is declined it will post to Salesforce with a status of "Closed Lost." However, these transactions are not showing up in Salesforce at all, though they show as "Posted" in Connect.


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        I'm not sure if this is related to why two recent annual recurring transactions were declined, one May 5 (17557551315441760040) and one May 9 (17595113196481597381). In both cases, the payment is marked in Connect as Declined but the reason is, "Invalid account number (no such number)." That seems cryptic because it doesn't specify what account number it means. Is this the credit card number or C&P account number?

        We are reaching out to each of the contacts associated with these transactions to find out if their cards have changed. Let me know if you need access to our Salesforce org.


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          Good day @wtben

          That is not related the above issue. The error for the decline has been posted by the issuing bank. The message means (per bank's documents): It's an invalid account number. More than likely the result of the card holder closing the account or the bank issuing a new card.

          This requires the card holder to contact the bank and find out what is going on. We simply show what the bank is posting back.
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